Why partner with International IPS

Why choose us

When the tasks seem complex with tight schedules and budgets, International IPS is here to help you get the best results. Since its foundation, International IPS has been delivering innovation and results for many challenging construction projects. We supply the products and services which our customers most need.

·         A deep understanding of trade and experience

Comprehensive surveys for each and every one of International IPS' projects have been made and all confirm the appropriate selection of materials and methodologies that meet the manufacturer's standards. In addition, International IPS has consistently met client negotiated deadlines and budgets.


·         Excellence without compromise

All of International IPS' employees are extensively trained to produce the very best results for our clients. International IPS's training program focuses on identifying and achieving the client's stated objectives by eliminating potential problems at earliest stages, The services delivered by our employees on every project is truly Quality Without Compromise , for which, we all take pride at International IPS.


          Safe and efficient execution of projects

International IPS recognizes that construction sites may involve significant risks to personal safety. The view of International IPS's management team is that if a job is not done safely then it is not done effectively. While much has changed since our founding, one significant thing has not: the company's number one priority is to ensure that all of our staff and those of our clients are safe at all times while performing their professional duties.

·         Cost - effective

As a third-party accredited and knowledgeable fire protection contractor, backed up by range of partners and suppliers, International IPS can assist clients in the correct selection of tested and approved systems at the most competitive costs.

Working closely with organizations and employing only the best people, who share our commitments to competitiveness and excellence, we constantly inprove the quality and range of our services, enabling us to bid cost effectively for larger projects. International IPS' cost efficiency, and superior products and services have helped us to expand and achieve financial stabitity for future investments.