Structural fire protection

Passive fire protection materials insulate steel structures from the effects of the high temperatures that may be generated in fire. They can be divided into two types, non-reactive, of which the most common types are boards and sprays, and reactive, of which thin film intumescent coatings and cementitious fireproofing are the most common example. 

International IPS is recognized for taking the initiative in providing efficient and competitive structural fire protection for steekworks which delivers excellent quality at low cost.

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Fire-rated Ductworks

A fire rated ductwork system is designed to convey smoke, hot gases and flame from area to area, and to supply air combustion in the fire area.

Statistically, in almost fires, normal ductworks were subject to burnt to ashes or damaged before completing its functionalities in fire. That ends up badly when the smoke and the fire spread through duct system in a building... For this purpose, it is essential to provide fireproofing solution for ductworks to life safety and of course the protection of building and property.

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Fire stopping

Firestopping solutions ensure that the fire resistance of protected walls, floors and roofs is never compromised by services or voids. Our range of firestopping solutions ensure that cables, pipes, trunking, or ductwork, or the voids that they pass through, don’t provide the weak link through which fire can spread.

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Wood fire protection


The efficiency of HR Prof is tested and approved internationally. It meets the classifications of Euroclass B-s1-d0, (UK class 0 on solid wood, Euroclass C-s1-d0 (UK class 1) on plywood, K1 10 and K2 10.

The uniwue patented technology permits HR Prof to help extend the lifetime of treated  wood, transforming it into a more fungal and blue stain resistant substrate.

Once absorbed into the surface of the wood HR Prof combines chemically within the cell structure, but does not form a surface finish, which allows the wood to breathe naturally.

In the event of fire, carbon char is restrited to the immediate area restricting the spread of flame.

 Wood treated with HR Prof compiles with EU Construction Products Regulations, enabing customers to apply for a CE mark on treated timner. HR Prof is certificated according to EU Regulation No: 305/2011 (Construction Products Regulation)

Sizes Available: 1, 5&20 litre containers and 1,000 litre IBCs.



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