Fire stopping

About 3M Through-Penetration Firestops



                Protecting Lives for More Than 30 years

In 1974, the movie Towering Inferno sparked the imagination of Richard Licht, a 3M product developer who passionately believed 3M technologies could be used to improve the safety of multi-story buildings. Several devastating fires – including the 1980 MGM Grand Hotel fire that killed 84 people and injured 679 – inspired Licht to develop the first firestop products based on existing 3M intumescent technology. Recognized by many as “The Father of Firestopping,” Licht also helped develop some of the first firestop requirements in commercial building codes. He worked tirelessly to make the codes more demanding to improve the safety of all buildings.

Partners in protecting lives

Being the fire protection leader goes beyond selling innovative products. We partner with you from the start – providing a comprehensive line of products and systems, excellent technical services, and the superior training you need to enhance your firestopping capabilities.

We meet with you to discuss your application to help you select the best firestopping solutions. To ensure your inspection process goes smoothly, we work directly with building inspectors. By continuing to work closely with you throughout a building’s life – including retrofit and maintenance activities – we support you as you work to ensure your building’s firestopping is being properly managed.

Risk management

3M’s Firestop Risk Management Program is a comprehensive approach to helping you manage the complexities of project firestopping. From helping you define your initial needs to helping manage your firestopping throughout a building’s life, we walk you through the decisions and steps required to keep your project on time, in budget and code-compliant.

               International IPS is a sole distributor which provides firestopping solutions to Vietnam Market