Structural fire protection

Cementitious Fire Protection - Monokote Systems

  • Monokote MK-6/HY 

Proven in-place performance on interior structural steel makes it the most widely used fireproofing material in the world. MK-6/HY is a low cost, gysum-based, cementitious spray-applied fireproofing prodcut designed for an easay, fast application to steel and concrete substrate. MK-6/HY incorporates application benefits including Grace's patented injection techonology for fast set and improved hangability.

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  • Monokote Z-106/HY

A 100% Portland cement binder, medium density fireproofing product that provides excellent moisture resistance and durable for interior, exposed applications. Z-106/HY incorporated application benefits including Grace's patented injection technology for fast and improved hangability. It provides highly cost-effective installation while assuring the specifier of high performance in-place characteristic

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  • Monokote Z-146

High density, cement-based fire protection delivers maximum protection for interior or exterior exposed applications

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