Structural fire protection

Intumescent Fire Protection-Nullifire

 Water Based - Sytsem


SC901 is a low VOC, one coat, high build system, based on patented technology.

  • Fire rating up to 12 minutes tested to BS476 and EN 13381: Part 8
  • Fast-cure: touch-dry in 1 hour, handle and transport within 1 day
  • Achives external durability with an approved top seal
  • Early weather resistance, shower-proof within 1 hour

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SC902 is a fast-track on-site, low VOC, one-coat, high-build system, bases on patented technology

  • Fire rating up to 120 minutes tested to BS476 and EN 13381: Part 8
  • Fast-cure: early weather resistance, shower-proof within 1 hour
  • Achieves external durability with an approval top seal
  • Self-priming system, torerant of light rusting to steel, up to 2 weeks post blassing
  • High-build potential with all ratings possible in one application

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SC801 is optimize for on-site application, water-based, white, thin film, intumescent coating for the protection of internal structural steelwork

  • Water-based intumescent coating suitable for internal use on structural steelwork for up to 120 minute fire resistance
  • Easier to apply product for greater efficiency on site with improved smooth matt finish
  • Low odor and very low VOC
  • Easily transportable for on-site applicaion

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SC802 has been designed to lead the market in all aspect of 30 to 60 minute fire protetcion

  • Most competitive 'all-round' 60 minutes water-based product
  • Easy-to-spray product to reduce downtime and potential difficulties on site
  • Gives an outsanding smooth, matt finish
  • Outstanding adhesion and durability
  • Low odor and very low VOC

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