Fire-rated Ductworks

WinCoat Product & Application


  • A fire rated ductwork system is designed to convey smoke, hot gases and flame form area to areas, and to supply air combustion in the fire area. For this purposed and reasons, it is essential to provide fire protection of duct work to ensure life safety and of course, the protection of building and property
  • Wincoat is a water based fire prevention coating. The application field is mainly protection of ductwork system for smoke ventilation





  • Subtrates have to be free of dust, grease, oil and rust
  • Wincoat has to be well stirred before use
  • Coat the G.I.Ductwork with WinCoat on the outer surface
  • Minimum thickness: 0.6mm WinCoat in dry condition
  • The application can be executed by hand, roller, brush or with the airless spray equipment to achieve smooth surface
  • The temperature of the substrate and the surrounding has to be at least +5oC. The humidity must not exceed 90% rel.humidity
  •  Dirty tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use
  • Construction and dimensions must conform with the national safety regulations


  • Water based
  • Class 'O' tested to B.S 476 Part 6&7
  • Good adhension properties on various building materials like stone, concrete, metal, wood, mineral fibres, ect.
  • Limited non-ageing and weather proofing without protective painting
  • Free of halogens


  • Store  in a cool, dry place
  • Protect from frost and heat
  • Shelf-life at least 12 months after filling date providing stored in original pakaging

Standard packaging

  •  20kg oval plastic pail (subject to alteration)

Given information above is only for reference. For further technical information or dedicated consultancy in specific cases, please contact us