International IPS is Vietnam's premier Fire protection contractor. 

A market leader that has built its reputation on integrity and trust, International IPS is driven by the skill of its people with a talent for innovation and a passion for success. 


Founded in 2009, International IPS has evolved as a business that can offer its clients a complete integrated fire protection package, both in Vietnam and throughout the Indochina Area. Our sustained and controlled growth has enabled International IPS with the infrastructure and financial stability to enable its business units to operate with confidence at the highest level.

International IPS’ business is strengthened by its core values, driving it forward both today and in the future.  Theses core values are:


Integrity - Act with respect & inspire trust. 


Innovation - Be adventurous, creative and open-minded. | Embrace and drive change. 


Passion for Winning - Pursue learning and growth. | Strive relentlessly and constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our products and services to become the very best.


Solution based Approach - Continuously searching  for better solutions. 


Our experience and ability to deliver complete fire protection packages of the highest standards and quality, within budget, and completed on or before deadlines are the key reasons why International IPS is the specialist fire protection contractor of choice.